Useful Contacts


U.K. Cancer Helplines - General


Cancer Research UK

0207 269 3142

Cancerlink Helpline

0808 808 0000

Macmillan Cancer Relief

0845 601 6161

Marie Curie Cancer Care

0800 716 146


Cancer Helplines - Specific


Bladder Cancer

0207 831 9831

Brain Tumours SDRT

0845 1309733 or 01252 61 7843 (out of hours)

Breast Cancer

0808 800 6000

Colon Cancer

0207 381 4711

International Myeloma Foundation

0800 980 3332

Kidney Cancer UK

0247 647 0584

Leukaemia Research Fund

0207 269 9068

Lung Cancer (Roy Castle Foundation)

0800 357 7200

Ovarian Cancer UK

0207 600 5141

Pancreatic Cancer

0121 449 0667

Prostate Cancer

0845 300 8383


Cancer Helplines - Complementary and Integrated


Penny Brohn (formerly Bristol) Cancer Help Centre

0845 123 2310

Gerson UK

01204 593 746

Breast Cancer Haven

0207 384 0000

Institute for Complementary Medicines

0207 237 5165

The Dove Clinic

02074 865 588

The Hale clinic

0870 167 6667


Other Useful Numbers


Allergy and Vitamin Testing

0238 081 2124

British Acupuncture Council

0208 735 0400

Assoc. of Colonic Hydrotherapists

0144 282 7687

The Society of Homeopaths

0160 462 1400

British Federation of Massage Practitioners

0177288 1063

British Assoc. of Nutritional Therapists

0870 606 1284

Sutherland Society (Cranial Osteopathy)

0122 5869 100

British Assoc. for Counselling and Psychotherapy

0870 443 5252

Cancer Counselling Trust

020 7704 1137

Park Attwood Clinic

01299 861444

U.K. Council for Psychotherapy

0207 436 3002


Web sites


Beechwood Cancer Care - Offers clinical and other information. Provides support and holistic courses for cancer patients and their carers. A great facility based in Stockport.

The Cancer Counselling Trust - Offer counselling in Islington or over telephone for fee according to your income. Articles and resources page.

Cancer Guide - Gives info on how to find what you want and get best treatments.

Cancer Research UK - Latest news, links to specific sites.


Drug3k - Prescription Drug Online Drug Encyclopedia

National Cancer Institute - US site covering all cancer types with treatment info, news, trials.

American Cancer Society - definitive US site; news, info, latest developments.

Royal Marsden Hospital - great site from top cancer unit -jargon free news, booklets.

Macmillan Cancer Relief - support for people with cancer and their families.

Marie Curie - care for people in their own homes and at hospices in UK.

Penny Brohn (formerly Bristol) Cancer Help Centre - practice, teach and develop holistic approach to cancer care. Excellent info and courses.

Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine - screening, complementary treatment and counselling in London and Winchester.

Breast Cancer Haven - Breast cancer site emphasising complementary therapies, counselling and support.

Gerson support group UK

Gerson Therapy - US site giving info on this treatment, newsletter + books

Nutritional Cancer Therapy Trust - UK site covers nutritional therapy.

Brain cancer -helpful + good research list.

Breast Care - free pubs. and booklets.

Colon cancer - news, research + advice.

Leukaemia - USA - info, research, news, support systems.

Lung Cancer - Roy Castle Foundation -support, research, nurses, even quit smoking programmes.

Melanoma - Australian site.

Myeloma - international site with info on treatments, own magazine.

Oral cancer info and treatment from British Dental Health Foundation.

Ovarian cancer - US site - info, help.

Ovacome - UK info, news, support, newsletter.

Park Attwood Clinic UK based - anthroposophic medicine - mistletoe treatment

Pancreatic cancer -US site with help for patients and their families.

Prostate cancer - excellent site offering info, help, chat lines, leaflets.

European Clinical Trials - monitors clinical trials, new drugs.

Worldwide Clinical Trials - US site.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - register of accredited counsellors and psychotherapists.

UK Council for Psychotherapy - register of qualified psychotherapists.

Therapy index - list of psychotherapists worldwide.

Biame network - meditation, newsletter, tapes, CDs, books.

Buddhism - teachings and explanations.

Exceptional Cancer Patients - US site, founded by Bernie Siegel, info, courses, free imagery interpretations.

The Hypnopapers - Cecil McGregors in depth coverage of a few hypnotherapy books.

The Simonton Cancer Center - resources and programmes for patients and supporters Based on their book Getting Well Again.

The Mesothelioma Center offers the most comprehensive and current information on asbestos exposure and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma : Resource provides information about Mesothelioma Cancer and introduction to a Mesothelioma Lawyer.

Mesothelioma Guide - providing up-to-date support to mesothelioma patients and family members.

Mesothelioma - US based site

The Pleural Mesothelioma Center

Mesothelioma Specialists

Cancer through a carerís eyes. Information and support based in Australia.