Success Stories


I am hoping that you will help me fill this section with your own stories and those of people that you know or know of.
I have a few to start us off.
Currently I count myself in this category as since January 2005 I have been in remission. So right now I have successfully overcome my cancer and look forward to full recovery. I know it could recur and I guess that thought will always hang around somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I hope it will gradually fade into obscurity as time goes by.

Since being diagnosed myself I have met so many people who have had cancer and recovered and often many years later are healthy and have told me how much they learnt from their illness as they were forced to face their mortality so intensely. Many of them have come to appreciate life so much more and made significant changes to enrich and enjoy it more than before they got ill.

One man who particularly inspires me is Lance Armstrong, who was diagnosed with cancer some years ago and had a poor prognosis, yet here he is winning the Tour de France cycle race again this year!

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and someone who inspires leopards can change their spots!many people with her lecture tours and boundless vitality, was diagnosed with vaginal cancer many years ago. Apparently she received the diagnosis with “total panic” then began changing her diet and letting go of long-standing resentment about her abuse as a child and used the power of her mind to heal her body.

Another story from my local paper told of a woman now in her nineties who had breast cancer when she was a much younger woman with children at home. Treatment was pretty basic then and she had an operation followed by radiotherapy. She looked remarkably healthy and radiant in her picture now.


This story is taken from Louis Proto’s book, Self Healing.
Martin Brofman, diagnosed with terminal throat cancer and given a few months to live, promised himself a trip to the Caribbean club Mediterranee if he survived until New Year. He did and on holiday “happened” to meet a Zen Buddhist who gave him information he needed to start him on a self healing process. Fifteen years later in 2002 (when this book was published) he was still alive and healing others. I don’t know about him now.

a rose for recoveryI have a friend called Sylvia, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, had surgery, chemotherapy and is still in remission. She really wanted to get well and adopted the Bristol diet, used positive visualisation, talking to her cancer cells and telling them that they had to go in order for her to live and somehow she managed to see it as an adventure.

I was heartened by another story told by my friend Steff about her mother in law, who had ovarian cancer many years ago when treatment was much more rudimentary and she is alive and healthy today.

I have heard many success stories and look forward to including yours here.