General Hints


ďIn the final analysis, we must love in order not to fall illĒ. Sigmund Freud

How to improve our chances of beating cancer.

Remember that although 1 in 3 people are likely to get some form of cancer in their lifetime 75% will fully recover and these days people are often surviving longer than expected even if they donít make a full recovery.

The Holistic Approach

Some people believe that physical illness is the manifestation of energy imbalance and disharmony. Illness affects all the levels of our being. Not only do our bodies feel bad, we donít feel good emotionally and usually gloomy thoughts come into our heads when we are sick. Disease affects us physically, emotionally and if itís serious enough, spiritually.
Healing is the outward sign of a restoration to inner harmony and balance.
Our bodies will naturally be trying to return to this ďlaw and orderĒ from the state of anarchy that has arisen. Self-healing is to consciously so-operate with this healing process ourselves, to help by removing anything that impedes it and to nourish ourselves as if we were our own sick child.

Ten Commandments of Healing

  • De-stress Yourself
  • Detoxify your Body
  • Nourish your Immune System
  • Boost your Vitality
  • Let go of Negativity
  • Affirm the Positive
  • Visualise Health
  • Love Yourself More and More
  • Express your Feelings
  • Listen to Your Inner Self

(Taken from Louis Proto - Self Healing)

Assertiveness I generally get what I want!
Apparently Americans often do better than the British when they get cancer. The reasons put forward for this are not that there are better treatments in the USA but that they often have a more assertive attitude to healthcare providers. They are willing to make demands and expect to be given the best treatment and to be given relevant information so they can make informed choices about their treatment. So be assertive and get people to go with you to hospital appointments who can be assertive on your behalf when you arenít feeling strong enough to assert yourself.

If you sometimes find it hard to assert yourself this is a great time to change that! Of course you might not feel up to making demands and expressing yourself clearly at times during your diagnosis and treatment but when you are ready you can really help yourself by increasing your levels of assertiveness.

In my experience most people are already assertive in certain areas of their lives and with some people and if you can identify those than you can extend and develop your assertiveness skills. There are plenty of course and books available to help and if necessary you could get help from a counsellor or therapist.

Most of this website is really about how to improve your chances of full recovery, ways of managing physical and emotional effects and getting support for yourself on the way. However the following list is a sort of summary of everything Iíve come across so far. If you have any other ideas please let me know.

Give Your Immune System a Boost

  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet
  • Take some form of regular exercise
  • Express your feelings safely
  • Make us of support systems
  • Relax and reduce your stress levels
  • Use complementary therapies

Take Action!
This list is partly my own and partly taken from ďEverything You Need to Know to Help You Beat CancerĒ by Chris Woollams (see bookstore).
It might seem pretty drastic and isnít meant to be something to increase your stress levels!
It is just a guideline and I think that we know what is good for us most of the time and can keep a healthy balance. Also itís important to check with your consultant about taking vitamin supplements and anything like Acidophilus that may not be compatible with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

1. Donít smoke.

2. Only drink alcohol in moderation. Cabernet Sauvignon is good for antioxidants.

3. Stay slim.

4. Eat healthily. Eat more carbohydrate and less animal protein. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, rice, beans, pulses, garlic and ginger. Buy organic if possible.

5. Eat raw, steamed, grilled, roasted but not fried, barbecued or microwaved food.

6. Make your own fruit and vegetable juices.

7. Use soya products and avoid dairy.

8. Avoid fizzy drinks especially low calorie.

9. Cut out fats and oils apart from olive oil and fish oils in moderation

10. Take cod liver oil everyday.

11. Avoid or cut down on sugar, salt and caffeine. Watch for these hidden in cereals and processed food. Drink green tea or herbal teas.

12. Consider taking vitamin supplements especially those listed in healthy lifestyle section.

13. Drink filtered water preferably from glass bottles. Keep your fluid intake to at least 2 to 3 litres daily.

14. Check for yeast infections. Cut down on wheat and yeast intake. Take Acidophilus if necessary and use linseeds daily to keep your system running smoothly.

15. Do your best to remove products containing carcinogens from your life (avoid burnt and barbecued food).

16. Avoid all drugs including antibiotics where possible.

17. Think about your sexual health and practice safe sex.

18. Think carefully about taking extra oestrogen in the pill or HRT.

19. Take some exercise daily. Try to get a mix of aerobic and anaerobic. Pick activities you enjoy.

20. Get a regular body service and balancing with acupuncture, cranial osteopathy or similar.

21. Give your lymph the love it needs and use yoga, massage or tai chi to keep it moving.

22. Avoid prolonged contact with
electromagnetic radiation including mobile phones, especially in the bedroom.

23. Develop personal awareness. Work out what or who are healthy and nourishing for you and increase them. Do the opposite with things and people who limit or depress you. See the sections on lifestyle and mind power.

24. Calm yourself, relax, meditate, get enough rest time.

25. Consider your goals and sense of purpose in life. Write them down and work out how to achieve them. Use visualisation to help. See section on mind power.

26. Discover your sense of spirituality. Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty!
See section on mind power.
purple for peace of mind
27. Live in the present as much as possible. Let go of old resentments and practise forgiveness for your own peace of mind.

28. Enjoy and celebrate life and fill your time with happiness and real value.

29. Develop ways of nourishing and loving yourself as much as possible.

30. Accept and express your emotions safely and get practical and emotional support for yourself.

Also see the Resources, Recovery and Mind Power Pages.